About Us

Established in 2020

... but launched in 2021 – it has taken a year of researching, partnering with the right supliers and acquiring the right certificates.

re do® is founded on the base of change making and the thought of "we can do better"; re do® is the essence of a circular lifestyle.

Residual waste exists everywhere in our daily life. But being able in reusing, repurpose and reactivate materials for the next stage creates a circular approach and lessens the burden on nature and society alike.

We want to change the world and LOOK great while doing it - one step at a time. 

Recycled active wear. Let's move in the right direction.

re do® is about making a difference in the lifes of ourselves and generations to come. It's about 4 all, not about 4 the few. We all know it's time to make a change, to alter our own waste patterns in life; to become part of the solution. At re do® we offer you to join the movement.

Our Vision

redo wants to challenge the establishment. We want to be a game changer in the industry, for the consumer and for the better of the future.

Working together with our partners, treating our manufacturers with respect and value their work and employees. Respecting the environment, helping spread the word of change needed and give us all a platform to express our combined voices and values. 

Our Purpose

To create a circular & sustainable alternative for all, one step at a time. 

The Way We Think!

re do® is more than a BRAND, it's a lifestyle and a way of thinking. The fact that we spend each day to become more sustainable is a life choice.

We want to leave a better world for our children. re do is first of all a brand that delivers well-designed and comfortable sportswear for everyone, but is automatically also a brand that wants to make a cultural  mark on the world.

We have to united and together, build for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow all can afford, participate in and pass on to generations to come - all with a GREEN mind.